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 The Weather Channel

 Intellicast (Radar)

 ADDS weather (METARS & TAFS)

 Turbulence Forecast

 Accuweather (current flight delays and forecasted flight delay maps) (METAR & TAF History on one screen, decoding available - works well on cell phone) (METAR, TAF's, Decoding, Radar, "Rapid Fire" updates, Historical data & graphs) (Mobile Edition - Weather underground, recognizes airport codes in search)



  ALPA's Guide to Flight Time Limitation and Rest Requirements (ALPA Members Only)


1) Go to and click Members Only to log in

2) Select "Committees" from the top menuand click "Flight Time/Duty Time"

3) Click "Guide to FTDT Limitations"

4) You can download ALPA's Guide to Flight Time Limitations and Rest Requirements in Standard and Jeppesen formats

 FAA Airport Delay

 FAA EDCT Lookup

 NonRev Website



 Union Plus

 Weingarten Rights



 Aviation Week

 Yahoo! Finance

 USA Today (USA Today - "Today in the Sky")


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